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Phil Moffett

Kentucky's Independent Voice

Legislative Service

Phil is the current State Representative for the 32nd District.  First elected in 2014, Phil has been an independent voice consistently voting his values over party.  Phil's primary concern is preserving your individual liberty by making sure taxpayers know the plain truth behind the critical issues facing our Commonwealth.

Since 2014, Phil focused primarily on Kentucky's fiscal condition, business and tax environment, and improving public education.  He currently serves on the Education Committee, State Government Committee, and Local Government Committee.

Since Republicans took control of the State House, Kentucky's business environment has improved, companies are hiring at record levels, unemployment is at historic lows, and for the first time in 20 years all of Kentucky's public pension plans have been fully funded in each of the past 2 biennium budgets - with some of the plans receiving more funding than required by the plan actuaries.

Much work remains, however.  Public pensions are still in jeopardy.  Students must behave and respect their teachers so all students have an opportunity for a quality publicly-funded education.  Our tax systems must continue to be modified so Kentucky can become competitive with our neighboring states, especially Indiana and Tennessee.  Overspending and unnecessary government regulation must end.  Affordable healthcare needs to become a reality.  And Frankfort's culture of corruption and cover up needs to end.  Now.  The list is long.

Family & Career

Phil is married to his wife, Christi, for 21 years.  Phil and Christi have four wonderful children, all adopted from across the world. They are ages 20, 18, 17 and 17.  The Moffetts live in Plainview, where they moved in December 1998.

A small business owner since 2002 and a real estate broker, Phil brings a unique and practical approach to state politics.  He's interviewed regularly on political talk shows in Louisville and Lexington.